Community Guidelines

MYA encourage an open and honest forum and view patient feedback as an opportunity to identify anything that may not be done as well as it could be and to make it right. We would like to make it clear that whilst we pride ourselves on being the only cosmetic surgery provider to offer an open and transparent forum, the forum is here to discuss cosmetic surgery procedures with MYA. It is in your interest to read and understand the forum guidelines. If you do not, it may affect your rights to continue as a member of the MYA forum community. We positively encourage patients or staff to help us by informing us of any problems and letting us know about them as soon as possible; comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

1. Please Do

  • Be polite and respectful in your posts and in your replies to others
  • Keep it clean. No profanity, obscenity, insulting or bigoted comments please.
  • No namecalling.
  • Report any kind of abuse you find in the community. You will find “report abuse” links in every post and in every profile.

2. Please Don’t

  • Discuss Price
  • Discuss other cosmetic surgery providers
  • Make a public complaint during an open complaints process
  • Spam / Promotion
  • Negatively name a MYA staff member

3. Termination and Cancellation

MYA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without any obligation to do so, to review and remove user-created services and content at will and without notice, and delete content and accounts.

MYA Cosmetic Surgery reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to permanently ban participants or terminate access to the community.

4. Removal of Posts/ MYA Warning

MYA Cosmetic Surgery reserve the right to remove any posts which are deemed to be misleading, if the issues is currently being dealt with from a clinic level, factually incorrect or are intended to misrepresent or prejudice MYA Cosmetic Surgery or its employees. As well as the points highlighted below, if a member of the MYA forum needs to have several post removed they will be given a warning via direct message from the MYA Moderator.

MYA forum warning is issued once via a direct message then if the patient continues to break the terms and conditions of the MYA forum their account will be deleted and all contents of profile removed. The governing laws of England and Wales make it illegal to publish negative comments which personally accuse the provider/ individuals of any wrongdoing or are intended to damage a reputation. Comments such as these constitute libel and this is a form of defamation. For this reason the MYA Moderator has a duty to remove such comments and MYA also reserve the right to delete your account. We would encourage any patient who has a concern with their patient journey to either send a private message to the MYA moderator or to contact their clinic direct.

5. Complaint


The MYA moderator cannot comment on the public forum on an individual issue or complaint due to patient confidentiality rules. MYA cosmetic surgery employs a robust formal complaints process which you can find here. Should you wish to submit an official complaint that requires investigation you should follow the official complaints process. Upon receipt of the patient’s correspondence, we will acknowledge the letter in writing within two working days. We will immediately undertake an investigation into the comments and will provide a written response within 20 working days of receiving the letter. If we are unable to provide a written outcome within 20 working days, we will inform the patient in writing of the status of the complaint.

The MYA Space Forum is not the platform to submit a complaint or voice concerns however your clinic or the MYA Moderator may contact you to discuss any forum posts they see fit to be resolved.

Whilst we understand that patients who have registered a complaint may be anxious waiting for an outcome, some cases may prove to be more complex than others and can take longer to both investigate and resolve. Once a verbal or written complaint is submitted you must not discuss your issue of complaint on the MYA forum, MYA social media pages or other social platforms as this could affect the efficiency of your complaint procedure and be detrimental to your issue being resolved in a timely matter. As this is an open complaints process any comments regarding this will be removed.

6. Price

At MYA we pride ourselves on offering a high level of service and quality in all that we do. We feel that our prices are fair for the service and specialised skill and experience within MYA. Different companies offer different prices but we would strongly recommend that careful research is carried out and clinical performance considered as different companies have surgeons with different skill levels, revision rates, implant types and patient satisfaction ratings. Some who have a less robust proposition are able to charge less. Of course price is important but this should never be the principal factor in making a decision. In relation to the discussion of surgery prices on our MYA forum we understand that it is in your interest to research this particular subject however we would like to remind you that although we have a list of prices these can change subject to individual circumstances e.g. late space, implant choice, subtle variation in procedure etc. We are not able to go into detail to explain these variances on the MYA Forum so therefore we reserve the right to remove any post which discusses pricing or we will edit your post removing the price stated and putting £*** .

7. Other Cosmetic surgery providers

We understand that the forum can and should be used for conducting cosmetic surgery research.

However you must respect that this is a MYA forum and only information about procedures and experiences undertaken by MYA should be discussed here. We understand that not everyone is solely a Patient of MYA. We offer a great and fantastic forum – however we must ask you to respect that no other cosmetic surgery provider or surgeon should be mentioned by name on our forum e.g.

‘I have a consultation with MYA but I also have one with another cosmetic surgery provider’ or ‘I had a Rhinoplasty with a private surgeon.’ . This forum is strictly for discussions about MYA and not to positively or negatively post about other providers. If these guidelines are not abided by then we reserve the right to remove any post we deem a violation of these rules. Continuing to do so could result in a warning and deletion of your account.

To prevent misleading others about MYA – we ask you should not comment negatively about a procedure/experience without stating that it is with another cosmetic surgery provider. If however it is a negative or a concerned post about the MYA service then we would encourage you to message the MYA Moderator with you concern prior so that this can be dealt with in a timely matter.

We are proud of our forum – we are the only UK cosmetic surgery provider who is proud and confident in the level of service that we offer to then allow our Patients to discuss anything MYA related. Therefore we must ask that this isn’t a forum for Patients who have had procedures with other cosmetic surgery providers to upload pictures or share and discuss their procedure and/or experience. We reserve the right to delete the full account of anyone who uploads pictures, comments and posts about other cosmetic surgery providers or had their procedure with another cosmetic surgery procedure.

8. Spam/Promotion

MYA will remove all spam and links to other web pages. Accounts which we have good reason to believe to be spam will instantly be deleted. If you wish to link to another web page or blog please inform the MYA Moderator prior to doing so.

Example “girls I have found a great website to buy a cheap V-pillow (insert link) its only £5” this is fine but send the link to the MYA moderator first or the post will be removed.

We encourage all members of the MYA forum to contact the MYA moderator if they believe an account to be fake or misleading.

9. Medical

If you have a medical concern or a question regarding your result throughout your healing period we would encourage you to contact your clinic nurse or message the MYA moderator for guidance. If this is out of clinic open hours the emergency line number can be called 08452702173 (this is for emergency purposes only)

MYA hope you enjoy the MYA forum and find it helpful and informative, If you has any queries or questions regarding these guidelines then please do not hesitate to contact us via our email

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