10 years post op ladies ๐Ÿ‘‘ dry patchy light pigmented areolas? Started by: Chelsey โ™ฅ

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    Hiya everyone,

    I am about to reach my 10 year post op anniversary and was looking to have a check done. Due to lockdown this wasnt possible but I would like to know how you have all been for the years that have passed since surgery.

    I have CUI implants which just have the 10 year guarantee. I have had no troubles except for a recurring โ€œfungal infectionโ€ as the doctor has said which causes my areola to become pigmented (lighter patches) and really dry. I use โ€œdaktacortโ€ ointment which helps for a while before it comes back again. I was just curious if anyone else with implants suffer with this? It may not be connected.

    Any advice and info is much appreciated.

    My MYA surgery was the best decision I have made!

    Chelsey xxx

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