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    hi everyone I still have some pain but loads better than I was a couple of weeks ago amd only have a tiny bit of bruising left under one boob.i had under the muscle and my chest was black and blue,worse bruisikg on my right side yet my left side was more painful.i found the mist pain was jn the centre of my chest on the bone where the skin was stretching,it was so bad😭😭my question is do you think its possible to get a broken rib whilst havin surgery?i ask because even now one rib on my right side still hurts and like a pulling feeling if I am stretching for anything.my chest had finger print bruising on amd I was told I would suffer more and take longer to heal because I had zero breast tissue and thry said I have no give in my skin.i had 400cc under the muscle.i am im guessing a D? DD cant get measured cos of covid so I will have to wait i guess x

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