Anyone recently had BA and Tummy Tuck? Started by: rachel jones

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    Been wanting a tummy tuck and BA for nearly 8 years! seen MYA in 2013 but was not in a financial position to go through with it. Finally I am! I’ve booked in for my first consultation on Tuesday and hoping to have this done around 15th December . Just looking for some advice on what surgeons do this together? was you happy you had both procedures done at the same time? recovery time? Im hoping to be back in work on 8th January. What cost I’m I know looking at?? any pics would be great 🙂

    Laura 2

    Hi Rachel how was your surgery? How was recovery?
    I am having a BA and TT at the end of this month.
    Who was your surgeon
    Sorry about all the questions
    Thanks Laura


    Howz you Rachel, I hope you are doing well.

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