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    I’ve wanted to get my boobs done for years, since I was about 15 because they are quite small.
    I have two beautiful children but they have wrecked my boobs. My husband and I want to have more children. Should I wait to get my boobs done until after having more children or get them done before?
    What do people recommend?

    opalfruits 12

    hey amy im in the exact same position as you! some people would say to wait and have all your children first but i think that you deserve to be happy with your body sooner rather than later unless of course your planning another baby very soon!
    i also want more babies but i want to enjoy my boobs whilst im still young if you now what i mean! i cant imagine implants change drastically though pregnancy and birth, depending on the type of implant and size you may may be lucky! and i guess everyones experience would be different!
    i hope this helps 🙂 xxxx

    Sophie 123

    I think it depends on how soon you want more children? My surgeon said there’s no point of you’re planning to have more in the next couple of years but he also said having more children shouldnt affect them dramatically however there may be slight dropping. All depends on where they’re placed etc x

    JamilaTee 3

    Hey I have two children and my boobs are wrecked !! I am so down I know I’d probably have more children but don’t think I can live like this any longer to be honest 🙁 I’m considering ba at the moment because I don’t think I could wait till I had all my children then get them done xx

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