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    Hi everyone, I’m really new to this so would love some advice!

    I’ve never really liked my boobs but ever since I had my son three months ago they look awful. Really saggy and just not very nice. My boobs have always been on the big size and currently a 36F.

    Obviously I would have to wait another three months for a consultation but I was wondering on opinions on breast uplift with or without implants?

    Anyone willing to share their experiences and results with mya? How was recovery with a baby?

    Thank you x



    So I had my son almost 5 years ago now and I had Mastitis so I’m not allowed implants. I am having my uplift on 18th Jan… finally!

    Personally I just wanted to be somewhat back to my former self so implants where not a big deal to me even though this means going from a D/DD to a C after the surgery. All the results I have seen look amazing!

    The surgeon also said with stretch marks the skin is weaker so having implants would make them sag again even after having an uplift. It is all personal to you though depending on your skin condition and what would make you happy! The surgeons advice is probably the best to help you with this decision.

    More than happy to keep you updated with the results after my op if this would help you!


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