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    Hey yummy mummy’s was just wondering how you found ‘resting’ with your ba went how what you could and couldn’t do?
    I have a 16 month mummy’s girl. How long until you could pick them up/hug them? And did they notice anything different in you?


    Hi Zoe, my lil girl is nearly 15 month also, so I’d be intrigued to know too! I’m getting my op in 9 days!! Xxx


    I have a two year old and struggled I the first week. I was ok cuddling her but struggled to pick her up. By the end of the week I could get her in and out of the bath but it wasn’t until about week 2/3 that I felt back to normal looking after her. Everyone is different though some women have their ops and are hoovering when in the first few days! Xx

    CRx -1

    i’m 12 days post op and feel fine (been shopping every day from 1 day post op) and have felt pretty much fine from day one (apart from the few sharp pains every now and again but bearable) my two are 4 & 5, but i can’t cuddle them properly have to cuddle at arms length (don’t think i could have them leaning on my boobs) and wouldn’t even risk lifting them. I have my nephew staying this week who is 15 months and I think I could lift him with bearable aching pain but I don’t wanna risk it and still can’t lift my arms completely up (but can change) … I’m going to try leave it as long as possible but luckily i have family helping me. I had 525 from a 32b and both my daughters haven’t noticed, i’ve not told them, just told them I have a poorly belly so they avoid my chest area hehe… all they questioned was my funny bras hehe. Glad they haven’t noticed don’t want them knowing lol, they can’t wait for proper cuddles though… x


    I have a 10 month old and a 7 month old, could t do a thing for about 10 days with her but I’m fine now, had my ba on 8th may, I still don’t pick her up too much if I can help it though xx


    thank you x

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