Consultation @ Nottingham MYA tomorrow :) Started by: TashaDee

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    Hello girls!! 🙂 thought I’d finally sign up to this website seeing as il be having first consultation tomorrow morning, rang up today to see if could get me an appointment and arranged it for tomorrow 🙂 been wanting this done for a while now since havin 2 kids they have just dropped and aren’t even firm anymore, can’t have boobs like this for rest of my life at a young age so I’m going for it! Finally! Please feel free to add me as friend on here, il be updating tomorrow after consultation to let you know what has been said ect.. 🙂 xxxxx


    Hiya lovely! I go to the Nottingham clinic too, everyone is lovely there! Good luck with your consultation 🙂 it’s so exciting xxx


    I went to Nottingham yesterday for my first consultation.. I met wonder she’s lovely and really helpful! Iv booked to see the surgeon now.. I thought they was really good there! Xx


    Thanks girls 🙂 xx


    Hi girls can I add you guys im hoping to go to notts too. Can you have Dr singh when you go thru notts any1 know?? Xx

    Jade 10

    I’ve got my first consultation Monday! I’m the same, have saggy empty a cups after having two kids! As you said, not exactly what you want a young age! Lol. So excited about starting my BA journey xx


    I’m not to sure you will have to ask when your are there.. you tell them what you are wanting to achieve and they then match and say what’s the best surgeon for you xx


    ..I also have my first consultation on Saturday but in Bristol..finally making this happen, been waiting for years, thought I would have my kids first, now my boobs have been through it, its time to get some new ones!……i sit on here every night reading posts on the forums…still not sure about size, surgeon, type of implants….soooo much to consider…Exciting stuff though….:-) x


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