Help!!! I’ve got a stinking cold! Started by: Victoria

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  • Victoria 5

    Sooo I thought this would be gone by now but it hasn’t. Anxiety at an all time high and I’m totally freaking out. I have surgery Wednesday THIS weds! I’ve got a horrendous cold and cough no temp though. Will they still operate? Argh!!!x


    Oh no what happened Victoria? I have a bit if a cold and due to have surgery this saturday x

    Victoria 5

    @emma I have my boobies. They check your temp n blood pressure so as long as they’re ok. My cough disappeared weds then came back the day after which was lucky but, omg it’s painful to cough. I’ve only got small implants so I don’t have lots of strapping so it’s not as bad as it could be. Just very tight. It’s more uncomfortable than anything until today. I’m sure you’ll be fine hun xx

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