How did you cope with a clingy baby? Started by: Emma

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  • Emma

    I have a one year old son and and as I’m a single parent es all for mummy a right mummy’s boy he is always wanting to be picked up and always climbing on me and jumping on my knee I do have help for 2 days after my op but now I’m worried il struggle lifting him and things after that? Xx


    Hi hun. I had unders 6 weeks ago and I have a 6 month old baby. I was told not to lift her at all the the first week and to be honest I really wouldn’t have been able to. Then gradually I would pick her up but very carefully and hold her to me, no stretching. Have you got anyone to help you? X


    Oh I may have to ask someone to stay with me for help. I have a friend staying 2 or 3 days after but that’s all cos it’s only me and my little boy xx

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