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    When did u all start lifting ur little ones? I’m hmm 10 days post op been lifting my little one today his 8 months old but quite big at 23lbs but I don’t have much choice as of half back at work. It does hurt a little lifting and I’m achey tonight. Worried what damage it may cause… xxx


    I started lifting my daughter around 7 days, and shes two and half yrs n two n half stone lol. I just make sure i bend my knees and lift carefully. Butvif its hurting you id take that as a sign to go easy if you can xoxo


    I wouldn’t start lifting just yet the 1st 3 weeks are for the scarring to heal up and the out come of less scarring me picking my baby up set me back so lady’s pls make sure u take care you don’t want your scarring looking thick and hard x

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