Researching on labiaplasty! please help answer any questions 💗 Started by: Georgia

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    Hi ladies,
    I’m booked for an EConsultation tomorrow with maya for labiaplasty.
    I’m 25, and I have wanted this surgery since I was 13. I’ve always hated my body, felt embarrassed and uncomfortable.
    I’ve got an extremely understanding boyfriend, who makes me feel super confident with him. He doesn’t think I need the operation and loves me how I am, but he understands that it’s my for own self confidence.

    If anyone can answer any of these questions, I would be so grateful!

    •How long did you take off work?
    •Was you ok being on your feet after having the time off work? (My job I’m on my feet all day)
    •how long did you wait before having sex? Was it comfortable and have you lost/increased any sensation?
    •how long was it until you was happy with the end result?
    •how long did the swelling take to go down and start to see a result?
    •what surgeon did you use? I will be going to the Manchester maya hospital.

    Thanks so much 💗

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