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    What are the standard and additional fees associated with selling products on Amazon, and what factors should I consider when calculating the cost and profitability of my business? I would like a detailed understanding of the fee structure, including base sales fees, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees, optional paid services, and other possible additional costs. Additionally, what strategies and tools can help optimize these costs and maximize the profitability of my Amazon business?


    Hello. When I started selling products on Amazon, I wanted to understand all the fees involved so that my business could be profitable. The commission structure includes referral commissions, FBA commissions, subscription costs to services like Amazon Pro, and potential advertising costs. It is extremely important to consider additional costs such as shipping, returns and taxes. To make my business more profitable, I carefully priced my products, managed my inventory effectively, set up advertising campaigns, researched different shipping options, and kept up to date with Amazon’s policies and fee changes, see website for details. These strategies have helped me optimize costs and maximize the profitability of my Amazon business.

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