By having a breast reduction I immediately gained the confidence and happiness

Why did you want the procedure?
I wanted to have a breast reduction for so many reasons. I have wanted this for so many years. Having very large breasts made me unhappy with myself, I lacked confidence, it stopped me wearing bikinis and tight or strapless tops, made doing exercise and sports tougher and on top of that I got unwanted attention. I chose to do it now as I just started University, and as it is a new chapter of my life I decided that my body should reflect that.

How did you fund the procedure?
My mum helped me fund the procedure using some savings and I also work so I pay using monthly repayments. MYA had lots of financial options, I didn’t think I could afford it but they made the repayments manageable.

Why did you choose MYA?
I chose MYA (they are amazing!!) because they have a great reputation, are affordable and lovely people. Once I saw their before and after pictures I was sure I wanted MYA. I was given my surgeon, I did some research on him and saw great reviews. I am so happy with what he has done. He is a miracle worker!

How was the day of your procedure?
The day of my surgery I went into the MYA Fitzroy hospital, I was taken upstairs and took off all piercings and changed into my hospital gown. I waited a couple of hours then it was my turn. I wasn’t nervous I was just excited that something I thought about for 4 years was coming true. I was put under general anesthetic and from then I don’t remember a thing. When I woke up I was feeling sore but the nurses gave medication and helped me get around. Once I got home the pain lasted a few days, but after a week it was fine. Now it has been nearly three weeks and I am back to my normal routine. I have been going back to the clinic for check-ups and all is well. I cannot thank MYA enough!

Are you pleased with your results?
What made my journey different is that I am still quite young (19 years old) and just by having a breast reduction I immediately gained the confidence and happiness I lacked for most of my life. I had support from most people as they knew how much it meant to me, and they saw the measures I had to go through such as wearing two bras.

I feel so good in myself now and I can’t thank MYA enough.

Why did you want the procedure?
I decided I wanted a breast augmentation as I wasn’t confident with myself. I had wanted to have it done for years but have never plucked up the courage to go through with it. I knew if I didn’t have it done soon I would never be young-enough to flaunt my new confidence.

How did you fund the procedure?
I was very unsure as to whether I could have found the funds to have the procedure but the girls at MYA helped me apply for finance at a good price and the repayments are very manageable.

How was your surgeon consultation?
I had Dr kazzazi and he was brilliant. He advised me on what would suit my frame and what would look best.

How was the day of your procedure?
On the day of my surgery I went to Doncaster. I was originally a 30b and was having 350cc moderate profile which would make me a DD.

I was bit nervous as I was going under sedation but it was just like being fast asleep. The nurses and doctors were a great support; they made me feel very comfortable and looked after me until I was fit to go home. I was only there for a few hours after my procedure as I felt ok after.

How was your recovery?
The day after I felt a little sore, but nothing that I didn’t expect.

Are you pleased with your results?
I found my journey very excited. I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel so good in myself now and I can’t thank MYA enough. I am so happy!


I’m confident, full of beans, and LOVE showing them off.

Why did you want the procedure?
My story first starts way back when I was a young girl. I have always had trouble gaining weight due to playing a lot of sport (I was the biggest tomboy, I call myself my dad’s son ha-ha).

My sport took off through primary and high school. Finding it hard to put on weight, I was a scary 6 stone; as you can imagine the name calling began. Sport was my only ‘out’ shall I say. I went through school and college HATING my boobs, always wearing padded bras trying to make it seem like there was something there.

However, it wasn’t until I was turning 21 (at the time 8 stone) and went to Cancun. I just split with an ex, I needed a girly getaway with my best friend. I looked back on pictures when I returned home and was disgusted in how skinny I was. The first thing I wanted to change to gain confidence was my teeny boobs. I cried, and spoke to mum. I was very good at hiding it, whenever I was out I would always put a smile on my face, because somewhere, someone has it worse than me. This chat with my mum was the game changer. I went to my doctor to see whether I would be ok to go through with surgery, he told me to stop going to the gym for 4 months so my body can gain a little more fat around certain areas, which I did.

Why did you choose MYA?
Someone who I knew through friends had used MYA for her boob job, and they looked AMAZING! From this, I plucked up the courage and rang MYA in October 2011. I spoke to a LOVELY girl; she wanted everyone to feel welcomed and safe. I couldn’t have trusted someone more.

How was your initial consultation?
Me and my right hand women (mumma bear) went to the Chelmsford clinic in November 2011 for our first consultation, I could feel the booby implants (which by the way felt absolutely incredible), choose what shape and size would be best for me. I booked it there and then! 28th March 2012 was my date, and it couldn’t come sooner!

How was the build up to your procedure?
I gained the needed weight, and my family even bought me a ‘boob job fund box’ to put away my pennys towards it. It got to a month before hand, I paid for one of my boobies, and my papa bear had helped me pay for the other.

How was the day of your procedure?
The days came around, I was nervous but so excited, and it felt like this was a new beginning for me. I met my surgeon, who by the way was AMAZING, and I was the first up.

Feeling in safe hands; it went without a blink, all I remember is seeing my mum tear up with nervousness and happiness knowing this was something I needed. I remember my surgeon holding my hand telling me: this is it. The next thing I remember I woke and instantly touch my boobies. ‘there they are’. I remember thinking to myself. Being wheeled back into my room, my mum and everyone awaiting with massive smiles, and I just wacked em out!

Are you happy with your results?
Since that day, 28th march 2012, I have never looked back. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made in my life. I never understood ‘if you got it flaunt it’ until I looked in the mirror once they had healed. I’m confident, full of beans, and LOVE showing them off.


My confidence and smile were beaming the moment I woke up

How was your surgeon consultation?
My surgeon was the one and only Mr.Kazzazi, he advised me that because I’m a petite size 8, 7 stone 4 and only 5ft 2 that 325cc high profile under the muscle would be the best implant from my body frame.

Why did you want the procedure?
All my adult life I’ve dreamed of being able to wear plunge dresses and pretty bikini’s but never had anything to fill them out. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Why did you choose MYA?
There was never any question about who I would finally decide to go with for such a life altering procedure. My best friend had her breast augmentation done a year before me with MYA. I chose to go with the same surgeon as her as I knew my results could be as amazing as hers. I rang up and booked my consultation at the beginning of May and less than 3 weeks later I was packing my bag ready for my big day.

How did you fund your procedure?
I had half the amount saved up and my parents gave me the remaining as they knew just how much it meant to me.

How was the day of your procedure?
The day of my surgery came round in a flash, me and my fiancé drove to the Natural Look Clinic in Doncaster. We got there about 30 minutes earlier than my admission time but the nurses were lovely they took us up to my room, put the television on and gave us plenty of magazines they even made my fiancé a cup of tea. Mr. Kazzazi came in after about half an hour, he shook both our hands and told my fiancé I would be fine as I was in good hands. I was handed a gown and some knee length socks to put on and Mr. Kazzazi talked me through the twilight procedure and made his markings on my chest, he said the next time he saw me would be in theatre. I was so nervous knowing I wasn’t going to be under general anesthetic and that I wouldn’t be asleep. But I was promised that with the local anesthetic and light sedation I wouldn’t feel a thing and true to his word I didn’t.

I walked into theatre at 9.00am I remember them putting the cannula into my hand and could feel the sedation making its way into my into my blood stream through my arm, which did sting but after a few seconds I was oblivious. The next thing I remember was waking up in my recovery room and it was 10.10am. My fiancé came over and gave me a big kiss and asked me if I was ok, I was shaking a lot but I think it was just my body in abit of shock. I did feel abit sleepy and my chest felt heavy but apart from that I felt fine. I was discharged 3 hours later and it was nice to get home and relax. The v pillow I bought has been the best thing I’ve ever purchased; it was the only thing I could use to get comfy. I smiled through any discomfort knowing that id finally got what I had longed for after so many year’s. I was given paracetomol and ibuprofen for the pain I took them as instructed every 4 hours and it was very rare that I felt any pain. Don’t get me wrong there were a few aches and weird sensations. Doing everyday things like washing and brushing my hair and hovering were impossible for the first week, but I had my hairdresser on speed dial for wash and blow dry’s every other day.

How was your experience with MYA?
Every aspect of my journey with MYA from the first time I picked up the phone for my consultation to going to my 6 week final check has been amazing, they can’t do enough for you and I really can’t recommend them enough.

Are you happy with your results?
Going from a small 32B to a 34DD has been truly life changing. I’ve always been a very confident girl but my confidence and smile were really beaming the moment I woke up after surgery. Mr. Kazzazi has undoubtable changed my life, words would never come close to how much I owe to him and his excellent team at the Natural look clinic.
So ladies’ if you’re considering MYA for a breast enlargement my advice from one patient to another is GO FOR IT! You’ll never look back my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

MYA have made me so happy!

Why did you want the procedure?
I’ve never really felt balanced; I’ve always wanted womanly boobs to match my womanly curves! MYA made this happen!

How was your initial consultation?
The staff at MYA are wonderful, helpful and friendly. They answered all of my many questions! I was able to go back to see them as many times as I liked to make me feel happier. Surgery is a scary thing, but not once did I feel scared with MYA! 🙂

Lauren my personal coordinator and the other MYA girls were always there at the end of the phone if I needed anything. When I met Lauren on my first consultation I just knew MYA was the company for me.

How was the day of your procedure?
On the 24th of September 2014 I had 350cc HP overs. The hospital in Preston was lovely. The staff were very friendly and explained everything. I saw my anaesthetist, John, who was so kind and informative and made me feel at ease! I then saw my surgeon again to go over final details, and was taken down to theatre. Before I knew it I woke up with my new girls! My surgeon came in to see me again once I was awake to make sure I was okay, and a few hours later I was at home!

Are you happy with your results?
I am 6 weeks post op and couldn’t be happier! My surgeon, is a genius! He is very informative and put me at ease straight away. So happy with my results already! Would recommend my surgeon and MYA to anyone, they are truly amazing. Very happy girl.”

I’m so glad I chose MYA!


Why did you want the procedure?
I wanted to have a fuller bust. I started off with a full C so I wasn’t flat chested to begin with, but I wanted to achieve a look that I knew I wasn’t going to achieve without having surgery.

Why did you choose MYA?
I researched into the procedure religiously and went to see three surgeons before I made up my mind and found my favourite.

How was your consultation with MYA?
Krystina from MYA Bristol has been brilliant throughout all of the process. She has text/spoke to me often and made me feel relaxed and reassured.

How was your surgeon consultation?
I felt comfortable; my surgeon knew what he was doing and I left him to recommend implants size. He recommended 550cc over the muscle Mentor implants which would get me to the look I wanted.

How did you fund your procedure?
Payment was very simple I paid half of the amount through bank transfer and the other half on 0% finance over 10 months. I got accepted in as little as ten minutes and then I was all booked in!

How was the day of your procedure?
The procedure was at the Fitzroy hospital in London. My surgeon I drew on me and the nurses came in, took notes and prepared me for surgery. The only time I felt nervous was when I was walking up to theatre, before I knew it I was waking up in the hospital bed like nothing had happened. I had no pain whatsoever!

Are you happy with your result?
I’m so glad I chose MYA! I now have 30GG boobs and LOVE them!! I would easily do it all again tomorrow.

5 months on after the procedure my breasts feel very soft and extremely natural. If anyone is considering having it done just go for it! As MYA say, “don’t let a few seconds of fear ruin years of happiness.”

I’m so happy with my results

Why did you want the procedure?
I had always wanted a breast enlargement. After a few tears in a lingerie fitting room and not being able to fill out even an A cup push up bra, and the sales assistant telling me “well, you don’t have anything to push up!”, I decided enough was enough. I was fed up of constantly covering up my flat chest and struggled to buy nice clothes. I immediately started doing my research and looking seriously into cosmetic surgery.

Why did you choose MYA?
MYA was my first choice, I had already read so much about them that I didn’t book any consultations at any other companies.

How was your MYA journey?
I’ll never forget the day when I rang up to book my surgery, I squealed like a little girl afterwards!

On the day I didn’t feel nervous at all, just excited! The staff at the MYA Fitzroy hospital were fantastic and made me feel comfortable at all times. The anaesthetic is nothing to be afraid of, you’re in recovery before you even realise you were put to sleep!

How was your recovery?
My recovery was amazing, I wasn’t in any pain at all, just some discomfort due to the strapping they put on after surgery. It’s nothing your body can’t handle though, and I was back to work within 10 days.

Are you happy with your results?
I’m only two weeks post op at the moment but already I’m so happy with my results. Thank you MYA for making me feel amazing!

I’m excited to buy clothes that I could never have dreamed of before

Why did you want the procedure?
I had always known my breasts weren’t quite right from the moment they started developing, they just never seemed to sit where they should on my chest and I never had that pert look. I can’t complain and say that they were small as I had enough tissue to measure a 34D but they were incredibly saggy and it meant I constantly wore push up and padded bras.

I lacked confidence in bikinis, couldn’t wear strapless dresses and just felt disappointment every time I looked at my chest. I had always had the idea of surgery in the back of my mind and would make comments here and there joking I wanted a ‘boob job’ but I didn’t for a second think I would pursue it any further than that until one day I thought to myself why shouldn’t I look into it? So I did! My parents were a little shocked at first but when I explained things, they could see how much I had researched and how much I wanted this, they were incredibly supportive.

How was your initial consultation with MYA?
I went along to my initial consultation feeling apprehensive but as soon as I arrived I instantly felt at ease. The staff were so welcoming and my patient coordinator was lovely, after looking at pictures and discussing things further I found myself wanting the surgery more than ever before. I arranged to meet my surgeon, and before I had even met him I rang my patient coordinator to pay a deposit to secure my date as I didn’t want to risk losing the date and having to wait longer. I was saving my money for something else but this was just so much more important to me and I had the money waiting to pay off the remainder of my balance after meeting my surgeon.

How was your surgeon consultation?
I went along to meet my surgeon and I was told I would have to have an uplift as well as an augmentation because an implant alone would not solve my problem. I was upset at the thought of an uplift because of all the extra scarring, longer recovery period and the fact that I’m only 21 with no children but I can’t say that somewhere in the back of my mind I didn’t know there was a chance I would need one. After researching the procedure further I decided to carry on with the surgery. After asking me what results I wanted to achieve we decided on an uplift with 275cc implants.

How was the day of your procedure?
Before I knew it I was on my way to London for my 10am admission time at the MYA Fitzroy. Again the staff were so friendly and surprisingly I had no nerves. I got ready and waited for my visit from the anaesthetist and surgeon then it all happened so quick. I had never been under general anaesthetic before, so this is where the nerves kicked in but one minute I was talking about my job, began feeling woozy and then woke up again with boobs! I had to stay in overnight (because of the uplift) and all I did was sleep off the anaesthetic, I’ve never felt so tired in my life. I woke up the next day in surprisingly little pain, I wouldn’t even say it was pain more pressure than anything and then I was allowed to go home.

How has your recovery been?
My recovery has been so much easier than I thought it would, I had this idea in my head that it was going to be painful for weeks but it really wasn’t. I was back to myself by day 5/6, I had the odd twinge here and there and still had to be careful about what I did but on the whole I had a fantastic recovery.

Are you happy with your results?
I’m now 6 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier it’s something I wish I had done as soon as I turned 18. I feel so much more confident in myself and I’m excited to go out and buy clothes that I could never have dreamed of wearing previously. I have been given the all clear to get measured and I now measure at a 32F!

I have to say a huge thank you to the whole MYA team from the first interaction with the bookings advisor, the clinic staff, the nurses, and my lovely patient coordinator! Of course I can’t forget my fantastic surgeon, he really has given me exactly what I wanted and made me so much more confident than I ever was before.

I would recommend MYA wholeheartedly to anyone


Why did you want the procedure?

I have always had a problem with my nose since being quite a young girl and never liked the way my profile looked from the side, so much so that I would never let anyone take a picture of me from the side because I always felt so conscious about the way my nose looked.

Why did you choose MYA?

I’ve always said I wanted my nose reshaping and after turning 18 and browsing the internet, I felt MYA would be a good place for me to go. I read all the reviews and looked on the website and felt I would be comfortable going to have a consultation.

How was your initial consultation?

After getting in touch, I booked my consultation and went to see Lauren, who was as lovely as ever, she explained the process and how I get to choose my surgeon and if I wasn’t happy then I could decide on a different one. I went away to decide if having a rhinoplasty procedure was definitely for me.

After discussing it with family and them being so supportive of me I got back in touch with Lauren and told her I wanted to go ahead, she said we would book another appointment to go through surgeons; discuss prices and dates for surgery.

How was your second consultation?

In my meeting she explained costings and discussed a payment plan and if I needed any help, again, after this meeting she told me to really think about if it was definitely what I wanted and to get in touch and let her know.

How did you fund your procedure?

Luckily for me, my family have always known how conscious I have been of my appearance and were very supportive of me when I told them that I wanted to have a rhinoplasty. I was going to go down the route of paying for my surgery by going to the bank, but after having a discussion with my grandparents, they said they would loan me the money and to just pay them back when I was able to, which I couldn’t thank them enough for! After this part of the journey, I was able to meet my surgeon.

How was your surgeon consultation?

Mr Frati, who is a man of few words but an amazing surgeon! I booked to see him and he taken pictures of my face from all angles to have an idea in his head how he would do my surgery. He got the pictures up on screen and showed me how my nose would look or a close enough replica of how it would look, he then asked if I liked it and if I wanted to change it all, which I said no to because I trusted his instinct. After this, he told me to chat to Lauren and discuss the date that I wanted it done. I booked my date and all was ready to go ahead.

How was the day of your procedure?

On the morning of my surgery, my parents kept asking if I was nervous and all the time I said no, I was as calm as I’d ever been. We went into the clinic and got took into my room ready for the prep to start, my parents were able to stay with me until I actually went down for surgery at 11am and were allowed back in as soon as my surgery was over. When I was in the room a few doctors kept nipping in and out just to tell me who they were and exactly what I was to do and what was going to happen in surgery. When they were ready for me to go down, I walked through and that’s when I had little butterfly’s. They wheeled me through to the theatre and I saw Mr Frati and a few other doctors preparing, a doctor put the aneasthetic in my arm and I was away until the procedure was over.

When I came round, I was on my own with a doctor but they soon wheeled me back round to my room, I don’t remember a lot of that bit because I kept drifting in and out of sleep all day. When I was fully awake, the nurses kept coming and changing my dressing in and around my nose and kept making sure I was able to drink plenty of water. I kept being asked if I was in pain and I wasn’t! Surprisingly! I just found it really hard to swallow and weird to have to breathe through my mouth.

How was your recovery?

I was off work for 2 weeks after surgery, because my cast had to stay on for that long to ensure that it was healing properly; I didn’t mind because I wasn’t in pain. I was given pain killers in case I was, but I had my surgery on a Saturday and stopped taking pain killers the Wednesday of the first week.

After two weeks, I went to see the nurses and they were able to take my cast off. She said they weren’t allowed to wiggle it and just had to take it straight off to make sure my nose didn’t move, this was eye watering and stung for a little after but felt so good to have the cast taken off and to see the results. She explained how my nose would still be swollen and I may get new swelling to the tip of my nose, from the release of pressure from the cast being taken off but this went down after a week or so. I had a few bruises still after my cast was taken off but these went down after a week or so too, the nurse said I was able to put make up on around 48 hours after taking my cast off, but I left it about a week after because I was scared of ruining my new nose!

About 6 weeks after my op, I went on a girly holiday and was fine, the only thing I wasn’t really allowed to do was wear sunglasses so I just wore a hat to shield my eyes.

How do you feel now?

I have found since my surgery that I am more confident with having pictures taken, and I’m not worried about anyone taking a picture of me from the side now. In October 2014, I went for a professional photo shoot with my sister and was so happy with the pictures and the way my nose looked.

I am so happy with my MYA journey and so happy with how friendly MYA were. I could get in touch with them at any time if I had any problems or just needed an answer to a question. I would recommend MYA wholeheartedly to anyone.

I love how they look on my body

Why did you want the procedure?
I have always played sport and have never been particularly big chested. This never bothered me growing up or in my young adult years because they served their function and their size suited by body.

As I matured a bit and my body changed into womanhood, my interest in fitness grew more and I began competing in bodybuilding (bikini fitness) shows, which required me to get to low body fat levels. As a result my little boobs shrunk even more and left me with pancakes.

Gaining body fat again after a competition means you get bigger everywhere, apart from your chest! So my body was back but my boobs never did, and I felt a little less womanly without them. I trained hard for my body and the strong curves I had created looked unbalanced without breasts. Many fitness enthusiasts have similar issues and many also get breast augmentation for the same reasons, and after discussing with my coach and some friends I decided that I too wanted to get surgery.

Were you family supportive of your decision?
My mother had dated views on breast implants and it took a LOT to convince her that it was what I really wanted, they would look natural and the procedure was safe. I had toyed with the idea of breast implants about a year before and mentioned it back then; however, after doing significant research myself and having an initial consultation with MYA I was able to give insightful answers to my parent’s questions.

How did you decide on implant placement?
I decided I wanted to go partially under the muscle so that when I leaned down to low body fat levels again during competitions or photo-shoots that the implants would still appear smooth, and I was apprehensive about being able to see the implant outline through thin skin on my chest if I went over the muscle. This differs between patients but the surgeon had suggested this could happen with me. I switched a couple of times between these two options but decided eventually I would stick with under muscle; despite the lengthier recovery time. I opted for size 350cc – just slightly bigger than my ‘skin pocket’ size that had been left from where my boobs used to be; giving me a D or DD cup (compared to my largest C natural boobs)

How was your procedure?
On the day of the operation my father drove me to the hospital. On arrival I filled out my forms, met the surgeon again and got changed into my robes. Shortly after I was wheeled through to the operating room, where all the staff and nurses were very kind! They explained exactly what was going to happen, I was not nervous at this time.

I had a mask placed over my face for oxygen and was put under general anaesthetic; a very strange sensation, as you start to go to ‘sleep’ I was trying to stay awake at first until the nurse told me not to fight it and to rest. That’s all I remember until waking up in my room after surgery. It took about 50 minutes and I sort- of forgot that I had the operation and attempted to move in my bed; and quickly remembered that moving about was not going to happen any time soon! My dad helped prop me up so I could have some sips of water. I didn’t feel sick, dizzy or unwell as some cases report, I was hungry and needed the toilet.

Apparently I was unusually very mobile, as I was able to get up and use the toilet straight away; although having under muscle procedure means you don’t have the strength or ease of use of your hands and arms so I couldn’t flush the toilet by turning my wrist, I had to bend my knees! This improved within a week. The nurses wouldn’t let me eat anything until I had rested for an hour, and they shortly brought me out some cooked food and fruit salad.

After another 40 minutes we packed up and left the hospital for a local hotel we had booked. I had chosen to do a day case procedure as it cut the costs for me, and my dad was coming with me because we didn’t live locally and staying in a hotel would work better for the both of us.

The feeling after the surgery is one you could never imagine. It is something you would have never felt before, it is amazing how your pectorals and intercostal muscles affect so many other movements, and something you definitely take for granted. I brought loose baggy clothes and my dad helped me in and out of the car. There is no way I would have been able to drive, even if it was allowed. At the hotel we ate dinner again (I hadn’t eaten all day… I was hungry!) And when I went to bed I was propped nearly upright with pillows. I usually sleep on my side or stomach so for 8 weeks I learnt to sleep on my back.

How was your recovery?
For that following week there was a lot of shuffling about and getting help from my mum and dad reaching things, carrying etc. The first 3-5 days are the worst, because not only was I really immobile, I was constipated from the pain killers and still pretty tired.

At days 5, 6 and 7 I began going for walks around my neighbourhood as I was bored of being cooped up inside and not exercising. I knew I wouldn’t be able to weight train for 6-8 weeks so tried to keep active and eventually the tightness and soreness across my chest got better and better each day.

I bought my post op bra which felt strange at first but I soon learned to LOVE it and wore it in the days anyway. I took the bandages off the day after the op, but there were smaller bandages over the scars that remained on.

2 weeks after the operation the stiches are pulled out and they take more photos for the first two months, they were very swollen and sitting high on the chest and looked strange. It takes time for them to fall down naturally and reduce in swelling; especially under muscle, and 7 months later they still have not ‘dropped and fluffed’ fully yet.

I first went out clubbing about 3 or 4 weeks post op and I kept my post operation bra hidden underneath a dress, and avoided big hugs from friends I hadn’t seen (I didn’t want to squash these new puppies!)

I went back to training about 5 weeks after the operation, and stuck to low intensity lower body workouts. I couldn’t even lift the heavier weights or plates onto bars so I used a lot of machines and continued walking.

6 months down the line, my training is back and functional as ever. I can lift all the weight I used to. What took getting used to was for the first 2-3 months starting back training was adjusting my hand positions due to scar tissue in my pecs and oblique’s. This naturally happens when the muscle reforms and the body gets used to the new implants. I found it difficult to push and pull and move heavy weights or plates around but it was a new challenge getting back to the same level of strength and fitness as I was prior to the op and now I LOVE my new boobs.

Are you happy with the results?
The best decision and investment I have made, totally worth every penny; and in retrospect, VERY affordable. I love how they look on my body. MYA were very supportive, attentive and informative throughout the ENTIRE process. The girls and nurses were super friendly. The operation ran smoothly, everything was explained to me before during and after, and I highly recommend anyone going through MYA.

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