I couldn’t be happier & wish i’d done it sooner!

Why did you want the procedure?
I had always dreamed of having bigger boobs for as long as I can remember. As I was never at the front of the queue when they were giving them out, I don’t mind admitting I lacked somewhat in the boob department. Also being shaped liked a pear didn’t help as this only emphasised my bottom half and magnified the fact I was boobless. Then after two babies the boobs certainly gave up on me and resembled what I can only describe as “hanging walnuts”.

Why did you choose MYA?
I decided to start doing some research MYA being my first choice after knowing some of the girls from TOWIE had had surgery with them. I had a live chat with one of the Patient Advisors and booked my consultation for the following week.

“I couldn’t be happier & I wish i’d done it sooner!”

Tell us about your initial consultation..
As soon as I walked into MYA I was made to feel at ease as the Patient Coordinator was lovely, very friendly and I found I could chat to her very easily. She didn’t push me in any way she just explained all about the implants MYA use and ask me questions about myself and what my reasons were for wanting surgery. I decided there and then MYA were for me! I paid my deposit and we booked a date for my surgery. I was so excited to finally be starting my long awaited journey to having nice new boobs!!!

Which surgeon did you choose?
The PC had talked about a surgeon called Mr Traynor who she had high praise for and said he was an amazing surgeon as was renowned in the boob world for his natural look!! I loved the sound of him and trusted her 100% that this was the surgeon most suited to me for the look I desired.

How was your consultation with your surgeon?
I had my consultation with Mr Traynor and thought he was lovely. I explained to him that I wanted to look natural and not too big for my frame. If anything I wanted to feel more in proportion and fill up my boobs to a nice size. He explained clearly to me all about what having implants involves and about the surgery. I put my faith in him and was happy to go with what he suggested, as I didn’t really have a clue on size. He suggested a few sizes for me to try. I decided on 345 cc and these where the Natrelle soft touch Implants and I was confident these where the right choice for me.

How did you feel in the days leading up to your surgery?
In the days leading up to the big day I was full of nerves and excitement. On the day I had to be at Preston for 9am as I was a day case. I was really looking forward to it now and just couldn’t wait to have my new boobs. I was on my own which was fine, as I was well looked after and all the staff were amazing and I knew I would be ok. I was so excited when they called me to go down for surgery I was almost skipping down the corridor. My operation went fab and best part of all I had new boobs.

“The difference to how my clothes look is the best confidence boost ever.”

How do you about your new boobs?
It has been 8 months now and I couldn’t be happier I love the ‘Dolls’ and wish I had done it sooner. The way it makes you feel having lovely boobs is amazing. The difference to how my clothes look is lovely and the joys of wearing all lovely bras is the best confidence boost ever. I have no regrets and loved my boob journey. Massive Thank you to MYA and the amazing Mr Traynor. The boob God that he is!!

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