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    Lisa Gibson

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    Hi, i am considering a breast inlargment as it is something that I’ve always wanted and decided I am definitely going to get. I’m a 34a and am looking for a 275cc look, possibly under the muscle, however, I can’t find before and after pictures for under the muscle to see how much more natural they look compared to over the muscle. As I was made aware with under the muscle I will still have my natural chest gap and would like to be able to see if I would still be happy having that gap if my boobs still look good and natural to help decide which look I want. Can anyone help me with these please x

  • What Stage of the Cosmetic Surgery process are you at?

    Initial consultation stage

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  • I agree with the terms and conditions


  • My Stats

    currently a 34a. 

    Looking to be a 275cc.

    Possibly a little bigger or smaller


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