12DPO – Early days but when will they even out? Started by: Sophie

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  • Sophie 68

    Hi all,

    I’m 12DPO and up until a few days ago I was really happy. I’m worried that I’m going to end up really assymetric when I wasn’t before. I know it’s early days and that they heal, drop and fluff at different rates but each day they’re becoming more and more different. I’m just wondering when should they even out? My more swollen And painful one is actually the smaller one so I’m worried I’m getting boobs that are different sizes! Xx

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    Tiffany 20

    This is completely normal I’m now 9 weeks post op (I think) & they’ve only just started to even out. My surgeon always told me to treat my boobs as two separate operations on two totally different body parts. They will heal at different rates so don’t panic when you’re so early on.
    I’ve got one higher than the other where my muscle is still quite tight & it’s hard not to get impatient!
    Hope this puts you at ease a little bit xx

    Ruth 116

    Wow Sophie they’ve changed so much already, they look really good xx

    Sophie 68

    Thanks girls! It has put me at ease a little bit. I think I need to go off boobwatch for a while and just let them do their thing. Xx

    Elle 81

    They look so lovely Sophie! Xx

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