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    Had my surgery yesterday and couldn’t be happier already! 10 days before my op i started taking arnica (for brusing) and bromelain (for swelling) both from holland and barrett, i have Minimal pain, it’s just a little bit of a ache, no bruising and just a tiny bit of swelling. I’ve been wanting this operation since I was a teenager (I’m now 30) I’ve booked and cancelled many consultations as I’ve always been to embarressed to say anything before. So glad I finally had the courage to go through with the consultation and op! x

    Mel 7

    Hi, which surgeon did you have? x


    I had Dr Sleiter. I was a bit worried at first as everything on here is about the same doctor but I have no complaints! Are you booked in? x


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    Hi, I had labiaplasty yesterday. I was taking bromelain and arnica like you. This is my results 24 hours post op. Is it liking to get any worse? As I looked on realself and I saw the bruising and swelling on most people was at 3 days and really bad 🙂

    Michelle 3

    Hi unfortunately it does get worse before it gets better xx

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