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  • Kiyah 9

    I had my surgery on the 6th November. So almost 4 weeks post op now.
    Recovery was amazing for me.. day 1 and 2 after surgery I couldn’t sit up by myself but from day 3 I was able to move around okay..
    I am cabin crew and had my first flight 2 weeks after my op and there was no issues at all. Just had to take it easy and ask for any help if needed
    My boobs still fit into my tiny 32a bras .. so they aren’t huge ! My final result will be in January as I they are still sitting high and look strange from the side profile

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    They look amazing babe!


    Do you have any before pics? im thinking of going 250cc 🙂 thanks!


    Hi I’m at the start of this process and looking for pics to take to my surgeon consult so they get an idea of what I want. I think yours look great – did the surgeons recommend the teardrops? What size were you before and are you now, did you have to buy new tops / bras ?
    Hope you don’t mind these qstns!
    Thanks x

    Emma 1

    hi they look great!! do you have any before pics as my surgeon has recommended 250cc for me? x

    Tiff 6

    Hi everyone!
    I had 250cc round, smooth, mod plus implants done yesterday – dual plane. It’s only day 1 but I have attached photos of before and after if it’s at all helpful as I know I found it a struggle to find smaller implants before and afters!

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    Hey Tiff, I am getting this size and implant, do you have any updated photos please?

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