275cc or 315cc for a D cup?!! Help needed please Started by: Lis212

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  • Lis212 17

    Hi I’ve been offered these sizes, I’ve looked and looks online at diff pics but all seem so varied. I want to end up a Full D. I’m currently a B/flat c. I was swaying to the 315cc but my hubby really worried I’ll regret going bigger? Any advice please on either sizing and if you have Them what size are you?

    Nat 19

    300cc has taken me from a 32a/b to a 32dd and I know everyone’s different but I’d imagine 315 would more than take you from a b/c to a d but everyone’s body carries the implants differently I guess!

    JM 24

    I had 325cc mod plus, went from 32b to 32dd im size 6-8 5ft4ish x

    Jamie 55

    Go for the biggest size you are offered 100% I haven’t seen anyone that regrets going bigger, I had 380cc and just about fill out a D cup xx

    Nic 1

    I had 460cc and I’m a D cup 3weeks post op x


    Hi @lis212,

    I had 300cc HP under the muscle from a 32AA/A and I am now measuring as a 32DD/E. I am 9 WPO as of tomorrow and recently purchased my first bra from Boux Avenue in a 32E xx

    Lis212 17

    Thanks Georgia, that’s a good size difference as I’m worried all I would end up with is slightly fuller than I have now. But then I do not want to be too big at all. Would you say you have chosen the right size of width bigger?


    Hi LIS212,

    100% they suit my frame and look extremely in proportion. I’m happy with the size. I went with the biggest size I was offered by my surgeon


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