4 days post opp, itching. Started by: Lauretta

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  • Lauretta 1

    Hi ladies.
    My opp was on the 9th with dr traynor.. omg he is brilliant. I didnt think i would be in as much pain as it has been but its bareable. The feeling is close to having mastitis if anyone has experienced this. The nurses were fantastic with me. I was extremely nervous when i went into the hospital i was introduced to the whole team before i went into surgery. Dr traynor made sure i was happy and settled before anything. He really is a fantastic surgeon. After my little nap i woke up to fabulous nurses around me making sure i was ok and comfortable. They came in every 20 mins to check how i was feeling. And when i mentioned i didnt think i would be in the amount of pain i was dr traynor come straight away and checked me over asked what it was that i was feeling. Pressure bruising stinging. And ordered a stronger pain relief while i was in the hospital, he came and checked on me a further 2 times before i left to make sure i was ok and happy. Then when leaving he reassured me i can go in an see him any time if i have any issues or worries to call. As long as i keep up with the pain relief its been brilliant. But the bandages are starting to get really itchy now and its driving me insane. Anyone have any tips on how to stop the ichy feeling. And or when it will go. Dont think i can cope another week itchy. I dont see my nurse until the 20th so still have a bit to go. Any tips or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
    I already love my new boobs and i know its only going to get better. I am soo happy i chose mya to have my surgery with. They have been absolutely amazing and helpful. Just love everything about this experience. And my consultant Jess is bloody brilliant. She has made everything soo much more special.

    Natalie 1

    Hi! I was the same with the itching but it’s all good signs. It means you are healing well. My nipples have been the worst for me but I did have an up lift. But if you’re unsure, ring your nurse. All the best xx

    Lauretta 1

    Hi natalie! I went to clinic yesterday and had all my dressings off nurse said am healing fab and everything is looking really good scars wise but my bruising is ridiculously bad. And its making things difficult and so sore. But the mad thing is the bruising is around my rib and side area. Did you have anything similar x

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