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    I have just reached my 4th week post op after my rhinoplasty with Dr Giannitrapani at the First Trust Hospital in Preston. I am absolutely amazed with the results so far, I love my new nose!

    I had my first consultation with my PC, Candice, at the end of October 2019 and she was so lovely, not pushy at all and really made sure I was totally aware of what I was doing and the procedure I was wanting to go ahead with. I asked Candice if there was anything I could do about securing my date before I met my surgeon (which was booked for mid-November), I was amendment I wanted my procedure 26/02/2020. So I payed my £1000 and I was so so excited!

    Mid-November comes and I go to the Manchester Clinic to see my surgeon, it was a fairly quick meeting but I wasn’t phased. Dr Giannitrapani had a look at my nose and told me what I could expect and that he was happy to go ahead which was all I wanted to hear.

    Now was time to sort out my finances, I had saved up a lot but still had a small amount I wanted to finance. I contacted Candice for some guidance and she was so helpful and we managed to sort everything out with ease. The girls are to Harrogate office were so patient with me (ringing up to pay and leaving my card at home multiple times!) There are reviews about MYA being pushy for payment, this is absolutely not true. With my procedure now paid for I was getting more and more excited by the day. Candice was regularly in touch to remind me about upcoming appointments etc, the next one was my pre-op which was scheduled for mid-January.

    I travelled to the Liverpool Clinic for my pre-op, the nurse was so friendly, lovely and calm, making sure I knew everything I was to do and not to do. She gave me a handful of documents to read about recovery, what to expect and how to deal with everything. I had bloods taken and standard medical things just to make sure I was fit and well enough to go ahead. I left thinking this is finally it! My next appointment will be surgery date, eeek!

    So it’s a week before surgery I obviously was so scared and looking through reviews, people’s experiences with MYA etc. There were a lot of negative reviews which did make me question if I was doing the right thing, I had already paid £1000 to secure my date and the anxiety of it all was really getting to me. I just couldn’t understand, I hadn’t experienced anything that these girls were posting about through the enquiry stages. I was searching for an honest experience from someone who had been through it all and there wasn’t anything which is why I’m posting such an in depth review now. I wish I had seen something like this a week before my surgery, a lot of anxieties would of been eased!
    The night before my surgery, MYA calls me and checks in with me if I’m okay and do I have any questions about my surgery tomorrow which I thought was a really nice thing to do, especially at such a nerve-racking time.

    So my surgery date finally comes, I have my admission time and I head to the hospital with my dad. I have my travel pillow and new comfy PJs at the ready. I was taken to my room which was so clean, had its own TV and a really comfy bed with lots of pillows. The nurse let me get settled and then came back with my gown and explained how the morning was going to go step by step which made me feel so relaxed. There were a lot of things to go through with the nurse, then my anaesthetist came in and introduced himself. He told me what was going to happen and how the surgery was going to go, he assured me everything was going to fine. Then Dr Giannitrapani came in to see me, had another look at my nose, took some photographs and while showing me them, talked me through each aspect of my nose that he was going to change. My excitement was finally overcoming my nerves!
    I was admitted at 8am and at 10am it was finally time to go down to surgery, the nurse who came to get me what such a caring, calming woman. I gave my dad a hug and waddled down to surgery in my gown, stockings and rabbit slippers. The nurse was asking if I was okay and assuring me the whole time which I really appreciated as this was my first ever surgery and I was absolutely bricking it. She told me to lay down on the table while bits and bobs were put all over me, cannulas put in etc. So when it was time for the anaesthetic to happen (the bit I was scared of the most), the nurse was stroking my arm telling me I was okay and it would be over soon. The next thing I was in recovery, it happened so fast!
    I spent the next few hours recovering in my room, nurses coming in every half an hour to take my blood pressure and check if I need anything. I had a toastie provided by the hospital and at 6pm I was discharged after being assessed by Dr Giannitrapani that I was safe to leave with a personalised bag of pain meds and dressings.
    I’m not even going to the lie, 1st day post-op is horrible. After having tubes down your throat and not being able to breathe at all out your nose really takes its tolls, I had anxiety I couldn’t breathe. I had told myself before surgery I didn’t want to take any strong painkillers as I wanted to manage on just paracetamol. I was so wrong. I was taking codeine all day 1st day post-op, I felt terrible and couldn’t really eat or drink anything that couldn’t fit through a straw. I stayed on the couch all day with huge V pillows propping me up.
    2nd day post-op, the swelling had started. It looked like I had been in a fight with a swarm of bees, I could hardly see but I felt so much better in myself that I stopped taking the strong pain meds during the day and I was up walking around the house. I still was having a hard time not being able to breathe out my nose but I was sucking it up.
    I had my gauzes taken out on the 3rd day which I went to MYA Manchester Clinic, the nurse again was so lovely and told me I was healing well and made me my appointment to have my cast off on the 7th day. The big day! Once the gauzes were out, I could breathe again which was a massive relief.
    So day 7 post-op comes and I go back to MYA Manchester Clinic to have my cast off and I am so nervous! My swelling had gone down so much, I still had a tiny bit at the bottom of my cheeks, but my black eyes had gone and I was feeling 100%. The nurse is just as excited as me, she takes my cast off which does feel achy and quite tender but assures me this is completely normal. She finally hands me the mirror and I completely broke down; I couldn’t believe that this was my amazing new nose! The nurse gave me a hug and tells me its now time for the nippy part, stiches coming out! It didn’t hurt that bad but I think I had so much adrenaline, nothing phased me.
    I’m not going to lie, the swelling after my cast was removed on my nose was quite bad. I had a bump on my bridge which made my nose go like a rollercoaster as the tip was also really swollen too. I did get quite upset about it to my parents but they assured me I was 1 week post-op I wasn’t going to look perfect yet! I go back a couple of days later to get the rest of my stiches out and that was it, I was finally done! I was given my 6 week post op check-up which I’ll be going to in 2 weeks but I’m healing so nicely and I’m already so in love, the bump on my bridge is slowly going down which I’m so happy about. My nose is still really tender and I’m being really gentle putting makeup on and not touching it at all. I can’t wait to see how my nose changes and improves as the swelling goes down, my confidence has skyrocketed and I feel absolutely amazing. All thanks to MYA.
    I hope this will help someone who isn’t sure on what actually happens and a real life experience from start to finish 😊 x

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    Ahhhh omg this looks SO amazing babe congratulations!

    Thank you for such a in depth review as well it’s really helpful. Do you mind me asking how much you paid in total? Xx


    Thanks so much babe, I’m now 9 months post op and I am in LOVE!!

    The whole cost of the procedure was £8,000 xxxx

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