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    Hi everyone

    I’m having an uplift and implants on the 11th june at Harley health centre London.
    With dr samouris, I originally wanted them 500cc I have one boob bigger than the other I’m a D cup in one and like a B in the other been wearing a 36c bra for years and dr samouris said this was wrong as one is a lot different in size.

    He recomened 200cc and 300cc in the other but I managed to get him to agree on 400cc in the end but smaller implant in the larger breast to even out.

    Has anyone had this surgeon and what was there results etc, I’m a day case now he said I won’t need to stay the night, has anyone got any pictures of theirs if they’ve had between 350cc and 400cc?

    I’m 70kg
    size 12

    So if anyone has similar shape to myself I would greatgul if you would share your ecperuss as nice and before and afters. Extremely nervous aswell.

    Thank you Christine x

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