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    hello 🙂

    I’ve been offered 425cc overs and I’m currently a 32B, I used to be an E a few years ago and I basically want full boobs back 🙁 I’m 8 stone 2 and 5ft 2 and seeing everyones stats and results I’m now so worried that ill basically be ‘all boob’. I have asked my surgeon for bigger full round boobs but I don’t want them to look beyond silly if that makes sense! please can people send the results of 425cc overs… sorry if this sounds so silly I’m just starting to panic because its a big decision isn’t it…. any help would be amazing so thank you in advance x

    Also I am worrying about overs and sagging has anyone had any problems with this months/years down the line?

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    Samantha 5

    I’m having the same! Also worried about sagging!
    I have 4 children and my boobs are just empty now! Told my surgeon exactly the same thing don’t want bigger just fuller again!! I’m booked in for august 28th but going back in July to try on the implants again make sure I’m an 100% on size and don’t want bigger😂🙈


    ahh thats amazing! I just lost my breasts from coming off birth control so I’m excited to get the fullness back, are you going over the muscle too?

    Nadj 4

    I’m 5ft 4 and 9stone. I had 450cc overs going from 375 overs and feel they are quite big compared to what I was used to. I’m 2 months post op and In a 32f bra compared to 32e before. I would defo try the sizers to make sure you feel comparable with what you ask for. X

    maya henry 47

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    I’m 5ft2 and am around 7.5-8stone and I was a flat A/B pre op. I had 350cc and am now an E/F cup. I wanted really big full boobs so went for that size and I’m happy, if anything I wish I went one size smaller. Implants go a long way on a smaller frame xx


    thank you for replying both of you, I think I might be going slightly too big as id be happy with an E at most with my frame! with the sizers looking back do you feel they were a true representation of the size you are now? because when I tried the 375 I felt it didn’t look big on my shape if anything it looked small… it’s such a big decision isn’t it!

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