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  • Laura

    Please can anyone show me pic or advice if having surgery next week and they said between 450 and 500 high profile
    I’m 5.5 size 10
    Weigh 9:10

    Nat 4

    I had 450cc under the muscle moderate profile 3 weeks ago and I’m pleased I didn’t go any bigger, although my surgeon had suggested 500-550cc. I’m 5ft 8 and 10 stone, size 10. At first I was upset as my boobs looked too big but the swelling has gone down and I’m happy with the size. My bf says I look in proportion, and I don’t feel like I look busty, which I didn’t want. I was a 32A before. I think when they drop and fluff they’ll look even better.
    It depends what you’re looking for. If you want to be in proportion but not look like you’ve got big boobs I’d go for the 450cc, especially if you’re already bigger than a A cup now. If you want to look quite busty then get the 500cc.
    I was changing my mind and worrying about the size last minute so I insisted on having another sizing the day before my surgery.

    Nadj 4

    I had 450cc overs, I’m 5ft4 9stone2 size 10. I went as big as I could and I wish I went a little smaller,

    Sbowdell 15

    I had 500 overs UHP I’m size 12 5ft 7 and 10 st 10. I had barely a B cup before and I’m a 34DD now, if I’m honest I would’ve gone bigger! There is little in 450-500 I think 25cc’s is a teaspoon of fluid but I have spoken to lots of people who have said they wish they had gone for a bigger size. Mine don’t look too big on my frame and I’ve lost a stone since having them and they still look in proportion to my body!

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