9 days post op – am i being impatient/overeacting? Started by: Lauren

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  • Lauren

    Hi All!
    i’m now 9 days post op and really concerned. Immediately post op i loved the feel and look as it was all tightly stitched into place & was so happy. Now that the big part of my swelling has gone down i feel like everything has just loosened which was my bloody problem in the first place 😭 just feels really baggy again.
    i wanted it super duper thin and like barbie and i couldnt have made it clearer and i feel like that look has not been achieved, like its actual skin.
    I have my post op in 3 days but someone please tell me that the flabbiness/swelling with magically thin away and give me a pretty puss like i wanted. aka being a brat 😂

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    Does it look better now??

    Holly 1

    Is it looking any better ?? I’m two day post op with the same thing and I don’t feel barbie like either, definitely reduces excess skin but I still feel very open if that makes sense

    Girl2021 2

    Also wondering the same thing ?

    Louise 4

    Hi all.
    I thought the same about mine a week post op, but it was all swelling. I’m now 5 weeks post op and it’s all reduced in size and thin. I think the body just takes longer to heal than we all think.
    Be patient. And hopefully you achieve the results you wanted.

    Carmen 4

    How long did it take until the “open stage” reduced? As I was not like this before… I’m really concerned by it.

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