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    Hi ladies,
    I am currently researching breast reduction as I am considering having this surgery next year. I have hated my big boobs for many years now, ever since my teens – I am 29 now.
    Mine are currently 34F/FF however I think they are bigger than this. I know a breast reduction would make me so much happier but there is a couple of things I am worried about.
    If I could, I would have them made as small as I possibly could, I would love them to be a B/C cup but I don’t know if this is unrealistic. I worry that if I have the surgery, they won’t be small enough and I will still be unhappy. Did anyone else who has had the surgery have this same worry? How did you feel after your surgery?
    My second worry is that I have heard from a couple of people that your breasts can grow back after having a breast reduction – is this true? How likely is this to happen?
    Any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    Hi Emily, I was exactly the same as you with exactly the same worries, I was the same size as you too and wanted to be a small C/B, i think I’m now 15 months post op and I’m a c cup but I do wish I had said I want a B cup as I still want them smaller, the surgery and everything went amazingly though and I was cared for very well, just be confident with the surgeon and say exactly what you want and I’m sure you’ll have the best experience 🙂

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