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    Hi I am 21 and have been unhappy with my nose for as long as I can remember. Everyone says my nose is fine but I know if I had the surgery done my whole face would look more harmonious and I would be much more confident. My main concerns are 1) the price, I wouldn’t say I am £6000 worth unhappy with my nose but I would say I was £2K/£3K/£4K worth unhappy with my nose (if that makes sense). My 2nd concern is what if it goes wrong? I spend all this money and time and to end up with a funny looking nose! I have seen so many stories of ‘so-and-so’s’ botch nose job and I wouldnt want to become one of them. I have been for my initial consultation and this hasnt actually assisted my decision as I am still so confused, maybe seeing a surgeon would reassure me? Please any advice and help is much appreciated, especially from those who have friends and family telling them to not go through with it, the lack of support around me is unhelpful. Also if anyone would like to see pictures of my nose I am happy to send them privately, not sure I want to post publicly yet. Thanks in advance girls!

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    Hi Rhiana.. I had done a limited Rhinoplasty in Toronto for nostril narrowing and it was around $2500. My surgeon was Dr. Philip Solomon and he explained me about the procedure in detail and demonstrated me about my look post surgery. You should be careful in choosing your surgeon (his experience in the field). If you consult the right surgeon, I don’t think there will be any room for disappointment. Hope that would find a solution for your second concern also. All the best for your surgery !

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