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    Hello I have a appointment with mr Mileto on the 4th of February for my 1st surgeon consultation, I am hoping to have a breast reduction and lift please could any one tell me if I can have my boobs looking very perky false looking with this, I do have quite a lot of breast tissue Already

    Many thanks
    Lauren xx


    Hi Lauren, I had Dr Tsekouras at the London clinic. In all of my consultations he told me they wouldn’t be perky because they are too low and flat at the top. I was a bit upset at first but I wanted to go ahead anyway. I had my surgery last week and my boobs are so perky, but not false looking they are natural , I am overwhelmed with joy. The doctors cannot give any false hope so everyone will say they won’t look perky. It also depends how small you go, the smaller the perkier I went from an E to C/D. I also think it depends on the surgeon, I think Dr Tsekouras is miracle worker!


    Hi Olivia thank you so much for tour reply really apriciate it
    Ahh fab and you are really happy with them are they just sitting high now is there any chance of them dropping?
    I am a f cup and like you want to
    Go down a couple of sizes so they are not so heavy so they sit higher are you happy for me to pm you


    Hiya, sorry haven’t been back on here in a while, go ahead and pm me, not sure how work this forum though! It’s been a month now and they haven’t dropped so fingers crossed they will say up. I am very happy with my results!

    Mercedes 1

    Hey girls, I also had Dr Tsekouras and he told me the same thing about them being perky. I am now almost 2 weeks post op and they stay were they are meant to – which I cannot tell you is just so amazing haha. I was an E before and reckon I’m now like a C/D… huge difference that’s going to take some getting used to I think! I Have my second follow up appointment on Thursday. My pain has been pretty good the whole time but in the last couple of days my left one has felt a little hard, more swollen than the other. I’m putting this down to maybe I have over stretched myself on one side but is this normal? Has anyone else experienced it?


    Hi, Iv just had my first surgeon consultation with dr
    Mounir. I’m having a reduction and lift. Iv been wearing an f cup but his measurements say I’m a H. I’m wanting to go to d/dd does anyone have a similar size.


    Hi Sam, I had my reduction by Dr Mounir. I am just over 4 months post op and I am so happy with the results. I was a GG and now a D xx

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