Anybody got results to share/show who were a small A cup? Started by: Samantha Morrison

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    Hi, I am pretty much completely flat chested and have an appointment to see the surgeon Dr Mounir and I’m looking for some advice in regards to implant placement and sizes for natural looking results but still a very visible difference. And if anyone has any photos to show or could share their experiences, that would be very helpful! Thanks Ladies x

    Steph Sloan 11

    Hi sam
    I am a small a cup. Completley flat chested, mr traynor i can only go up to 300cc high profiles because of my size and any biggervwpuld just stick out n look fake. My surgery is 4th jan.

    Steph Sloan 11

    Bigger would*


    @stefanny Yeah I definitely want to look natural!! Think I will be recommended the same because I am very petite on my top half and very small chested. Were you happy with the visible difference when you tried on the implants? How was your consultation?

    Kayleigh 2

    I had mr Mounior back in 2009 and I was completely flat! The man is amazing! I was tiny when I got my BA (around a size 6-8) and I went for under the muscle as you can not tell there fake, I went for 450cc and I love them still!! They are still Perfect to, I’m booked in for a tummy tuck with him in 2 weeks and I trust him with my life

    Gemma 29

    I’m in with him on Wednesday 7th December. (Had 2 friends use him). My coordinator said they usually only go up to 325cc for under the muscle yet I’ve read loads on here that say otherwise. I’m currently around a 34b but don’t fill them to be honest. I was looking at going for them under the muscle but have seen great natural looking results on overs to. Such a hard decision. Lol. I want them to look natural but still look like I’ve got a cracking set and value for money ????

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