Anyone had liposuction on their legs? Started by: Sophie

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    I’d like to have liposuction on my legs, I’ve been researching for years and can finally afford it. Seems everyone is having breast implants and liposuction on their tummies these days, not much to be read about legs. I’m two sizes smaller on my top half and no matter how much weight I lose and how much exercise I do I still have cankles and tree trunk calves, plus packing a seriously big booty and hips, but I think I’ll keep the booty ????
    Any help and / or experiences would be really helpful, plus any ballpark ideas on price.
    Thanks in advance,


    I’m the same… there isn’t much on lipo for legs, but this is my biggest problem area. Would love info too. Got a consultation in a few weeks time 🙂


    I have the same problem, I have ‘saddlebags’ my thighs are out of proportion to the rest of my body, my calves are small, just the thighs don’t want to shift any of the fat.
    I’m having a consultation with the surgeon in a couple of weeks time also got a op date. Will post more info after my consultation. Know what you mean about not enough info on lipo on legs, I’ve searched so much but never seem to find enough info.


    Did you go ahead with this? How were the results I’m in the same situation sick of having a bottom half 2 sizes bigger. Any info would be great

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