Asymmetry Started by: Jasmine

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  • Jasmine 4

    Help!! So my surgeon said I have one boob that sags lower than the other but I’ve never noticed it?! Hes offered me 375cc HP overs in one and in the other 400cc … he said it wont sort the asymmetry out and they’ll never be equal but if I haven’t noticed it do you think I’ll even notice it when ive got the implants in? I’m worried they’ll look really un even? But like I say I couldn’t even tell they’re not symmetrical?!

    Donna Bowen 11

    The noticed it with my mom straight away she is 46 and never noticed until it was pointed out then she still didn’t see it.. you have to remember how many breasts they look at a week they know there stuff but you also know your body… did they take pictures they could send you so you could see ir get someone to take a picture straight on.?

    Jasmine 4

    Yeah they explained it and I see it maybe a TINY bit? Just worried how much it will effect the over all result… will implants make it more noticeable etc

    K 6

    I have exactly 375cc in left and 400cc in right xxx im 10d post op now but i think looks good and similar for now

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