BA + UPLIFT 350 or 375??? Started by: Hannah

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  • Hannah 26

    Advice needed!
    I am having an uplift and BA 2 weeks tomorrow, I tried on 300 and 350 and decided to go for the 350. But feeling the 350 won’t be big enough. I am 5’9 and around 10 st 10. I have uploaded pics using the rice test and from the implants tried on in the clinic. But I am broad and feel i could pass for 375. Just worried about sagging quicker or stretch marks.
    My surgeon never brought up 375 so do I bother going back to try them on? Or go off his judgement?
    Thank you!!

    Hannah 26

    This was 350 tried on in clinic and at home


    I’d go 375! I’m booked in for 9th June and also going for 375 in only 5”4 too!

    Miss Z 10

    i’ve got 375 was a 34DD BEFORE now an improved 34DD. 5’5 55kg

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