Best scar gel or oil to use to help reduce scar appearance! Started by: Jodie

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    I’ve just had the go-ahead to start using moisturiser and any scar treatments. My nurse suggested using a silicone gel or bio-oil. I’m wondering what everyone else has used for best results? I had a breast enlargement with uplift 6 weeks ago with a lollipop scar. Thank you!


    Hiya, congrats on your surgery :D. I have scars around my nipples from tuberous breast surgery and I used kelo-cote silicone scar gel from Amazon (it’s mega expensive though for a tiny tube) for the first almost 3 months. That seems to flatten the scar tissue down quite a lot.
    . Now the scars are almost flat I use Bio oil. I think they look pretty good so far. My surgeon and nurse said they’re looking good so that’s good enough for me. 🙂 I think you can get silicone sheets especially for lift procedures where you can just leave it on which might be better.
    Anyway good luck and congrats on your new boobies xo

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