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  • Charlottex 17

    Hello lovely’s,

    I’ll be 2 weeks post op on Thursday and I was so happy with them when I first had them but now as the time goes on and the swelling is going down I’m wondering where my boobs have disappeared to😂 I literally think there was a mix up with the implants on the day 😂😂😂 I have had 375cc in my left and 400cc in right as one was slightly smaller , over the muscle. I was initially worried these where going to be too big for me as all the before and after pictures that I had seen and liked before my consultation were 350cc and the 400ccs looked way too big for my body frame (size 8, 5’6) . All I can say is I am SOOOOO glad I did not ask for smaller🙌🏼

    Do the boobs appear bigger after the drop and fluff stage? My skin is still raised on my sternum and hard to touch which makes them look slightly smaller as they haven’t took shape that much yet so I know there is time.

    I never wanted the fake stuck on look but from the side in clothes they look smaller than before I had them done and I wore padded bras 😩😓 I do feel very deflated at the moment and keep telling my self to trust the process but I sit can’t see how they will get any bigger now?

    Thank you xxx

    Pink chick 32

    Aw Charlotte, sorry you are feeling this way. I am kinda dropping and fluffing now I think at 4 weeks post op. I feel mine do look bigger than they did 2 weeks ago but mine were unders so not sure if that makes a difference. From what I have read, I expect that the drop and fluff does make them look bigger.

    JMA2020 1

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    Hey Charlotte, I had my op Saturday. I had 375 overs and I’m not disappointed but also thought they would look bigger than they do! I hope they get a little bigger but heard overs don’t really

    Charlottex 17

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    I have had a lot of people telling me that once they drop and fluff they will get bigger which puts my mind at ease a lot!! I think unders or overs they get bigger but we will see!x

    Zoe 5

    Im one week post op and now my swellings gone down they feel small too.. i wish i had 500cc now, hoping they drop and look a bit bigger soon too

    Dee 16

    Hi Girls.
    I’ve been reading all about this today to try & give myself the heads up on it as it seems to be something that concerns many of us. Hope it helps? x

    Drop and Fluff is the catchy term that is used to describe the natural healing progression from breast surgery.
    The swelling from surgery resolves the skin covering the breasts stretches the pectoral muscles relax.
    This process causes the bottom portion of the implant to shift downwards and fill out the lower pole of the breast: creating a more natural, rounded appearance.
    After surgery you may notice that your breasts are sitting high and tight on the chest for the first few weeks. This is normal and the implants will start to drop after a few days. At six weeks this becomes very visible, and by three months they have usually reached their final position (but remember, it takes a good 12 months before everything has settled and healed completely).
    When the implants have finished dropping and the lower pole has fluffed, you may notice that your scar appears to move upwards. You should be able to feel the edge of the implant at or just above the inframammary crease. This means the implant has fallen into the correct position in the pocket.
    One breast may Drop and Fluff faster than the other, which may cause some obvious asymmetry in the early stages of healing. Our breasts are almost never symmetrical. This can cause some concern, but don’t worry – it is completely normal. You need to remind yourself that you have had two different surgeries on two different body parts so they will heal at different rates!

    Important Notes
    • The implant in the breast with more space will usually drop faster.
    • The process is usually slower on the dominant side – due to stronger pectoral muscles.
    • During the Drop and Fluff patients may notice that their breasts actually appear to increase in size as everything relaxes to accommodate the new implants.
    • Textured implants may grip the tissue and drop less than a smooth implant.
    • Due to gravity, round implants will take on a somewhat anatomical appearance over time.
    In rare cases, if the breasts don’t seem to be dropping at a normal rate, the patient may be developing capsular contracture or the muscle has not been completely released to make the pocket. If after six weeks the implant doesn’t seem like it has dropped and has not filled out the lower pole of the breast – consult your Surgeon.
    The Drop and Fluff process takes time, and results are not immediate. Your progress can be affected by factors including pre-existing pectoralis tightness, implant size, and firmness of your breast tissue and skin.
    Trust in the process!

    Nadj 4

    Hi girls

    I’m the opposite, only 3 days po but feel these are too big for my body. They look huge, hoping once the swelling goes down they look smaller

    Rosie Parker -2

    Hey, I was exactly the same panicking I went way to big!! Started as a 34A and had 300cc over the muscle. But I’m 13 days post op and swelling has come down loads they look much different already x

    Scar18 6

    They only drop and fluff when under the muscle Cos the drop and fluff is the muscle stretching and relaxing ….

    Drop and fluff doesn’t happen with overs … they actually go abit smaller Cos the swelling goes down

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