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    Hey guys,

    I’m 6DPO and healing really well which is great. I had 275cc on my left and 300cc on my right to offset the fact that my left boob was bigger than my right. I had my strapping off yesterday, and just seen my boobs for the first time then, and noticed that the right is still smaller. I said this to the nurse who said that I just need to wait for them to drop and they’ll even out, but I’m so scared my surgeon didn’t put a big enough implant on my right! Have any ladies had this problem before? Xxx

    Rebekah 174

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    Yeah one of mine was uneven for about 12 weeks !! Your so early only 6 days you have lots of changes don’t worry too much about it xxxx


    Give it time and take good care of them no matter how you may feel about them <3 I had to give mine 2 yrs! Yours will def be sooner than that though I think – my body is a bit ‘special’ haha

    rachel 7

    Hi hun, i am nearly 4 weeks post op and they change week by week. My right i had 250cc and 300cc in my left and my right is dropping a lot quicker than the other but they say its because the implant is smaller. It can take a while for them to drop, One nipple is higher than the other from how quick the right is dropping. i am trusting what they say because mine are very odd right now lol.
    It really is a game of patience, everyone is different too 🙂 don’t worry xx

    EC 4

    Thank you so much for your reassurances ladies! I will stop being such an impatient numpty now haha! Xx


    I feel the exact same!!
    I’m so worried this isn’t normal?? Should they look this different?

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    My implants are the same size & still one is bigger or more swelling 19 days po but the nurse said essentially it’s two surgeries & like any two body parts they’ll heal differently so I’m also trying to be patient

    Stacey 496

    6 days post op is super early hun boobs can take up to a year to fully settle and get the final results mine where still changing at 9-10 months post op xx

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