Breast enlargement & pregnancy Started by: Zoe

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  • Zoe 3

    Hi beautiful ladies,
    I had my boobs done November 2017. I’m now pregnant. Do I need to know anything additional. Like do I need certain bras to prevent sagging (do they sag)?
    Has anyone breast fed?
    I just need overall advice please my lovely’s. Even if you could just share your experience would be fantastic. This is my second child but my first since my op.
    Any advice big or small really is appreciated Lots of love Zoe 😘

    Nadj 4

    i had my son 18 month ago. After he was born my left implant ruptured and had a late stage seroma in the right so they had to be removed. They were 11 year old so had a good run with them. I never wore a bra when I went to bed and the surgeon who has recently replaced the implants said I should have always been wearing a supportive bra at night and especially during pregnancy x

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