Breast Lift with Implants Started by: Teresa Pires

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    Hi everyone,
    I’m just after a bit of advice and maybe hear some experiences. I had a breast uplift with implants in July 2018. My breasts at the time were saggy and with no volume after loosing a considerable amount of weight. After surgery I was never fully happy with them, but they were better than I had them before. Mostly they sagged more than I was expecting straight after surgery, even though I knew that I had thin skin and all of that. My ultimate goal was always to be able to wear a backless dress and I have never really been able to do that. In the beginning of the year I had issues with my right breast because out of no where around my nipple a would just opened and started to bleed. After a few nurse visits and dressings the wound healed. However, this has been greatly on the back of my head recently and I am not happy at all with my breasts, they are saggy, I have to wear a bra 24/7 and once again I can’t look in the mirror. This is bothering me tremendously. I have now made a request to see my surgeon at the time DR Slater to discuss this further. I am worried about this because I am not able to afford another surgery after the 7k a paid, I had to use all my savings for this. Has anyone had any success stories about reaching a resolution with MYA about a similar issue or can shed some light of what I can expect I would be grateful. Looking forward to hear from you ladies. 😊

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