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    Hey I thought I’d start a new topic because I found when I was looking into the forums there wasn’t much from 2021. I had my surgery on 24/09/21 at the new Victoria hospital. I was given my admission time two days before but had asked for a later admission. Unfortunately they booked me for 8am but once I spoke with MYA, between them and the hospital they managed to change the time to 10am. The hospital and staff are lovely and I wasn’t waiting long before the surgeon came to see me and mark me for my operation. He said I’d go down within 2hrs and within 2hrs I was gone. The pain waking up wasn’t bad at all I was over the moon I had new perky breast and I still am now! The nurses check on you very regularly which isn’t a bad thing but I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. The worst pain for me was getting the drain taken out the next day 😫 but the nurse could see how much pain I was in and gave me liquid morphine before trying again. Once I had that it was fine. I anticipate the pain after to be a lot worse than it was. I know they say to take it easy and rest but being a mum to two small children I didn’t really have that option. I was up and out the next day but did have taken it easy with lifting. Sleeping erghhh I’m a front or side sleeper so I have found it difficult sleeping on my back and being propped up. It had in face given me a backache but it’s a small price to pay to my lovely new boobies. I am due to attend my next appointment on Friday. If you have any questions feel free to ask xx

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    Is the procedure expensive sorry if this is rude


    Hi Danielle, so happy for you!
    I had a breast reduction yesterday and I agree about the drains, they hurt so bad when they came out, deffo the worst part, however i’m in so much pain today (day after) how bad was your pain after your reduction?? X


    Hi Danielle,

    Im getting my reduction in November. Thank you for the update ! Really hope you are doing well
    How are you coping with the scar healing


    Hey Renee my scars are healing really well, there are a few things I’m not 100% happy with but I’m hoping over time it will fix. When I first saw them I actually felt sick but I knew it would take a while. I’ll post some up to date pictures now for you. Good luck on your reduction this month.


    Hey Zoe the first few days the pain was a lot to handle. I found myself constantly popping pills but after about day 4 I managed to cut down on them. Taking so much made me really constipated tmi sorry x

    Tinuka 1

    Hi Danielle, Can i ask who your surgeon was please ? x

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