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    Hiya ladies I am totally new to this, I have had a consultation with Mr traynor, was wondering how everyone feels after there procedure and would you recommend etc? I am feeling really nervous about it all. Thank you

    Zoe Jordan 17

    Hi Carla
    I can honestly say that a breast reduction is the best thing I have ever done in my life.
    I won’t lie and say it was easy, I did ache after the procedure but I was very well looked after by my partner and that is something that continued for about three weeks, I had a total of three weeks off work. But you feel the benefits from the procedure in the first day. My recommendation would be to do exactly as you’re told by your surgeon and nurse!

    Carla 1

    Thank you for your reply Zoe… I’m just so nervous about the whole thing, iv got 2 small children too so worry about the recovery. It’s something iv wanted for a long time and it’s great to be able to speak to ppl who have been through the same thing… When iv done my research it’s hard to find stuff about breast reduction it’s more breast augmentation. I definitely think I will bite the bullet and go for it. Thanks again


    Hi Carla,
    I needed about 3 weeks off work for mine, I definitely underestimated how much time off i would need. I don’t have any littlen’s to lift but I commute 2 hours each way each day so holding on and the motion of the train proved to much – pain killers will constipate and wipe you out for a good few days so I’d definitely organise child care.
    Be prepared to take things slowly with your recovery, it can’t be rushed (no matter how hard i’ve tried!) everyones different but the more time you give yourself the better you will feel.
    That said, week 3 was a real turning point for me and I was able to move about a lot more freely, I’m on week 4 and hoping that from here on out its plain sailing!

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