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    I currently have 300cc implants under the muscle which i had done 8 years ago. After having 2 children and putting on weight and then losing it again i feel like i have lost the fullness i once had.

    I want to have surgery for a bigger implant and wondered if any girls on here have had surgery the second time around could tell me if recovery time is less and also if they settle quicker the second time around?

    I am 5ft 3 and wigh about 8 and 1/2 stone, my surgeon has recommended going from a 300 to a 400/450cc, how much bigger in size will this make me if i choose a 400cc – im currently a 34D/DD in M&S bras.

    thanks x

    Jaclyn 41

    Personally paying all that money again id want to go larger. You would maybe only go up one size going from 300 to 400.
    I’ve only had my first set so sorry can’t offer any advice. Xx

    Staciie 4

    Hi Hol!

    I just had a reagumentation plus uplift and removal of CC in both breasts from my 1st BA literally last Saturday!

    I had my 1st BA 5 years ago now as had 2 kids also since and the fullness wasn’t there as much when they first were done and because of my CC in my breast and still being under the after care. I got to have my revision surgery.

    I didn’t have bigger implants I wanted the same size as j didn’t want a bigger cup!
    I am 5’4 and have 450cc’s in both breasts.
    I was wearing E\F bras before my surgery, but again with having 2 kids they got a little bigger and drooped.
    (But when I first had my 1st BA I did wear size DD bras and was 450cc still!)
    So it be interesting to see when I heal properly, to see what size I will be now!

    With regards to recovery, I think I dont feel as much pain this time with regards to movement and getting about as your skin as stretched already but I do have the general tight and ache feeling, which you would as just only had surgeon so still new!

    Hope this helps?!

    Joanne 1

    I had my original BA four years ago, but having my consult this week for removal and reaugmentation. I currently have 310cc but following quite a bit of weight loss I want bigger so hoping it’s pretty straight forward enough to do!! I’m currently thinking 450-500cc . Fingers crossed x

    India 6

    Hi guys – does anyone have any photos for before/after reagumentation? I currently have 300cc but they’re really far apart so thinking of going 375/400 but not sure how much bigger this would take me?


    I’m in the same situation had mine 9 years ago after first child, I’ve now had 2 more children and just not happy with them not being as full. Wondering if I’d be able to just get bigger implants or need an uplift too xx

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