Breast uplift with 250CC on a size 12-14 frame? Started by: Nicola

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  • Nicola 9

    Evening everybody,

    My surgery is booked for the 24th of september for an uplift and 250cc implants. I didn’t have much choice over implant size as apparently I don’t have much tissue underneath. It sounds a little small to me. However, I have been stalking the forums and looking at the 250Cc and they look great and so different on everyone. I am currently a flat and droopy 36DD and I am a size 12-14. I wondered if any of you who had, had an uplift with 250CC could please send me before and after pics, especially anybody that is a size 12-14 so I can gauge a rough idea of how big they will look on my frame.

    Emma S 48

    Hi Nicola
    You sent me a message as I had 250cc implants with uplift in sept 2019.
    I’m a size 12-14 and I was a 36 flat c but I am now a 34DD.
    I chose moderate plus implants and they were over the muscle.
    I’ll put some more up to date pics here for you.
    I am now nearly 9 months post op and the pic is 8 months post op.
    Lovely to hear from you
    Emma x

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    Nicola 9

    Hi Emma,
    Thank you for responding to me. They look great and even on a 12-14 the 250cc don’t look small at all. Yours look great by the way. Thank you again for your help x

    Livv 4

    Hey Nicola!
    I had 280 cc moderate round implants back in September last year. In January I got messaured as 30 DD as I very slit I’m 5ft 2 and 7 stone 10 so I wasn’t aloud anything big! I am now a 30 E it’s so strange as it takes so much time so settle I am really happy with mine😊 I’ve posted with a bra but feel free to message and I can show without x


    Hi Nicola, I am also due to have an uplift with 250 HP unders – any larger would cause more sagging apparently, as I am already a 34D (although empty at the top), but I still feel like 250 will be too small! Do you have any photos please?xx

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