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    The Daily Mail recently posted this article that talks about women who have breast augmentation surgery by saying, “most impressionable women…are surprisingly easy to brainwash.” With very few facts and a whole lot of conjecture, the author has reduced women who feel insecure about their breasts to insane (“there is no sane reason why they [breasts] should be the subject of so much insecurity”).

    We at MYA wholeheartedly disagree. We know that a ‘boob job’ is more than a just going from an A to a B cup. Women who undergo breast surgery can suffer from asymmetry, ptosis (sagging breasts), tubular breasts, painfully large breasts or a lack of self-confidence that affects and impacts every aspect of life. In the past, these women would’ve been treated by the NHS but are now finding that a difficult route. Comparing the long consideration period for breast surgery (between 3-5 years) to the purchase of an ‘It-bag’ shows a fundamental misunderstanding of why our patients have surgery. The author talks through her own body insecurities and regrettable surgery as if that gives her authority to speak on behalf of all women who have ever had cosmetic breast surgery. We have thousands of happy patients that years after their procedure believe that their life has been positively enhanced.

    According to the author (Liz Jones), “there is an advert for surgery on the London Tube at the moment urging women to ‘Make yourself amazing!'” Hey Liz, we stopped using ‘Make Yourself Amazing’ back in 2017 and we have never advertised on the London Tube. Can we ask why you decided to make this up?

    It’s faux-feminist pieces like this that shame women for making decisions relating to their own body. If you do not believe that adult women should be able to freely choose to have cosmetic surgery then you will always view our service negatively. If, however, you spend time with our patients and get to know them and their stories, you will quickly realise that they are strong empowered women who make a considered choice to have a medical procedure.

    We would love to hear your thoughts – what do you think?

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