Cast off today – photos added rhino & otoplasty Started by: Rosey

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  • Rosey

    Well today was the day – am really pleased BUT it is really weird to get used to……Can’t explain it, almost have a little panic every now and again knowing you can never get back your old nose – not that I’d want it!!

    Can’t wait till I can move my top lip and look normal though rather than botoxed!

    Nurse told me I wasnt allowed to wash my hair for a further week due to my ear (its been 2 weeks already since I last washed my hair!!) but I had to… Have made sure its all dry near stitches etc (which are dissolvable behind the ear) so hopefully no problems… Sooo nice having clean hair again 🙂

    Should I now expect my nose to swell over the next few days? If so how much?

    jessabella 1

    Hey chick I had rhino nearly 2 years ago feel free to add me to see the pics of how the swelling goes up and down. My top lip was like a woodland creature for a few weeks too but it all settles down! X

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