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    Hey guys I have my consultation end of this month to discuss vaser on my tummy and hips and worried about recovery I have 3 children a d my youngest is just 4 months old for people who’d had this done do you reckon if he able to carry on being mum after this procedure and rocking my baby to sleep etc?? Everyone relies on me in house even my husband lol house wife and husband runs own business so I have a lot of responsibilities but really want this done as had 3 children and my body just isn’t the same and not very confident with my body I also take kids school so how long do u all wreckon if be back to my normal life cause of only get a week as my mum can book a week off work that’s it ! Xxx

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    Jenny-L 5

    Hiya, you will struggle. You will be in a compression garment and moving hurts due to the swelling. I had 4 areas done and I 2as able to be up and about around 9 days after but only slowly, it depends if you have drains or not aswell x

    Leanne VB 8

    Also feeling the same, I have two children. 1 and 2 years old. Worried about not being able to hold them put them in and out of their core etc x


    I’m 4 days post op currently and only just able to get myself in and out of bed and takes me a few minutes. My cat crawling on top of me hurts! I can move around but very slowly and I can also now bend down but it take me a lot of time and focus. No sudden movements. I have my partner to help but he went to work today and I felt limited x

    Jas b

    Hi ladies , the best advice to give is make sure you have someone to look after you for at least the first 2 weeks . You won’t be able to drive and the garment you get underneath they put another hard foam type corset and movement is not so easy . Stomach flank and back shouldn’t be taken lightly just dont do it unless you have some help .

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