Dr Mahdi or Netri please?! Implants changed and uplift Started by: jamielee1987

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    Hi, 5ft 5, 9stone, 36 year old now and had 410s under muscle in 2011. Looking to have the implants replaced and go a little smaller, with an uplift and been recommended Mahdi or Netri in Preston. Does anyone have any feedback on either?!

    Jade 3

    I had 325cc unders with Netri in 2022. His work was great but his bedside manner needs some work. When I had an issue with one of my implants he didn’t show much concern. He seemed more bothered about how he has only a 1% return rate and his attitude towards it all put me off. He was very condescending.
    I had a follow-up consultation with Mahdi because Netri was away. He was a lot more humble and down to earth. If I was to have a reaugmentation I’d go with Madhi.

    Netri also doesn’t work for Mya anymore, but he does have his own surgery.


    Double-check the surgeon’s credentials, including their board certification, licensure, strands and any disciplinary actions or malpractice claims against them. You can typically verify this information through state medical boards or professional organizations.

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