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    Hi Girls,

    I am wondering if anyone can help me i have seen Dr FArtti and Dr. Marcellino and i really dont know how to go with i am having an uplift with 200 implants. .

    I haven’t seen many photos of Dr Maecellino work, which is making me sway more toward Fratti.

    Can anyone help me out ?

    Thanks so much


    Please feel free to message me as I have had mr Marcellino 3 times now and am so happy with his work and Am happy to share pics etc. Rochelle 07718255544 x

    Louise 1

    Hey there,

    I had a reduction and lift with Mr Marcellino.

    My breasts look lovely and are better than i could have pictured. My scaring, even at 2 weeks, was minimal already though i have healed quickly. I am 28 days post op and have had zero breakdown in my incisions also.

    I didnt see any work by Mr M before i chose him as when i met him, it was for a second opinion on my procedure. i instantly trusted him and just knew he was the right surgeon. I booked my surgery with him that day.

    My PC had initially chosen him as the “best one” for my procedure but I initially wanted to go with another surgeon but after the consult with them it just didnt feel right and I am glad i had Mr M there as a second.

    Regardless of peoples work, you have to trust the surgeon or you will never be happy and will always second guess your choice and procedure. Go with your gut and dont be afraid to meet with the surgeons again – take a different chaperone if you need to get another opinion


    I’m booked in with Mr Marcelino for the 28th November. So good to read all of these positive comments I’m so excited.

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