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    Girls, please I really need reassurance.

    I am 1 week PO (breast reduction and uplift) Friday: I had my dressings removed and everything looked absolutely fine and I was really happy with the results.

    Saturday: I had a lot of watery yellow leakage from left breast, Saturday night I woke up covered in a thick bloody yellow thick leakage. I rang an ambulance because I was absolutely terrified, I went to A&E and they said my incision was infected. It was literally pouring out of my incision. They squeezed a lot of the stuff out, cleaned it and bandaged me up.

    Sunday: I spoke with my surgeon on the phone and got an appointment for Monday morning.

    Monday 2:12am: just woke up again with same issue covered in the leakage.

    I am really really really scared, how can so much of it be coming from my breast, there is so much of it!

    Can anyone help reassure me, I am beside myself.


    Hi- don’t panic. Have you contacted the ward/surgeon?
    You will likely get a prescription which will help with the infections!
    If needed go to your local GP.

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