Exercise after Surgery? Started by: Jen

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  • Jen 5

    Hi all

    How long after surgery did anyone workout? I know they say six weeks but did anyone go back sooner/later? Just asking so I know roughly how long I won’t be exercising for

    Thanks x

    Ruth 3

    I’m 3 weeks 3 days post op. I had labia majora, minora, hoodectomy, breast uplift and under muscle implants. All in one go! I trained today. Lower body only, bike (out of saddle), weighted squats, steps up, lunges etc. I’m still swollen all over and sometimes a little sore, but went super easy and it was fine. Hope that helps.

    Jen 5

    Hi Ruth. Thanks for getting back to me! How did your body feel during weights? I just don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made so far 😭 I’m getting a labiaplasty and hoodectomy and use the machines quite a bit. If anything I may just switch to the free weights instead for a bit and take time like you have x

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