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    Hi All,

    I am booked for a consultation with Dr Andrea and prior to doing so applied for finance with Deko – my application was rejected though. I have a stable job at the moment so think this may be attributed to the fact I have never had a loan so have no credit score to go against. I saw a few posts about applying for a loan from the bank – would anyone mind explaining how this works please? Do they loan you the full cost of the procedure or do you take out a credit card. I wanted to get the ball rolling as I will soon be returning to education and, whilst I will still have a job and income, worry that this will affect any other sort of loans.

    I am new to this sort of thing so any insight would be great:) The surgery I am looking to have is rhinoplasty on the bridge of my nose. Thank you xx

    Olias -1

    Hi! The interest-free nature of the installment plan provided by Afterpay meets modern financial demands, allowing consumers to effectively budget without accumulating debt. Using this financial service is very convenient, and many consumers appreciate it for this. Undoubtedly, sometimes difficulties arise when using their services, but afterpay customer service employees try to quickly resolve any problems so that the client receives only a good experience with them.

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